The school of engineering lays out the foundation of professional careers. Once decided to join the school of engineering you had made the right pronouncement that will equip you with sophisticated technical and communications skills that make you exceptional to the market place. 

LIU engineering graduates work in a wide variety of industries located throughout the world; namely, in the Gulf States.  Many of our graduates go on the professional and graduate schools. They are well known for their exceptional ability to communicate clearly with others, their capability to work through difficult problems, and their ability to solve problems and design creatively.  Flexibility is a word often used by employers to describe our graduates. 

Even though, the School of Engineering prepares students to serve the rapidly changing demands of a new century and our undergraduate degrees provide breadth and depth; the Bachelor degree graduates are encouraged to join the Master Programs at LIU which enhance the knowledge of our master graduates and prepare them to be equipped to deal with technical topics and with the challenges of practice in the future.  

The school of engineering promotes the master graduates to keep in touch with our professors who bring insight and wisdom from many different perspectives – practical experience, research, and the roles of teachers and parents. It is hoped that through cooperation with the school our master graduates are provided opportunities for practical work experience, international study and community

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