Co-op and Career Services

The technical and communication skills that an engineering student should possess prior to graduation can be enhanced by establishing a Co-operative Education and Career Services program. Engineering “Co-op” programs have traditionally played a valuable role in engineering education. Co-op programs assist students focusing on interpersonal skills that practicing engineers need. Furthermore, Co-op Programs also provide a motivational component in which students find a financial source to support their University Education. In addition, Co-op Programs offer to students professional work experience that contributes to their academic, personal and professional developments. Moreover, Co-op Programs assist in developing skills in the workplace, such as communication, teamwork and problem solving skills. Furthermore, students will gain hands-on experience to become more prepared for the job market or graduate school. 

Consequently the school of engineering at the Lebanese International University; LIU, has established an engineering Co-operative program by initiating an independent Engineering Co-op office. This office is headed by an Associate Dean for Co-operative Education and Career Services. The step taken by the school will allow students to better understand their fields of studies through work in related areas and will provide them with opportunities to enhance engineering physical theories with practical engineering applications.